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AgroChimInvest on Gulfood 2020

26 February 2020

О компанииThis year, thanks to the active support of the Russian Export Center, AgroChimInvest took full part in the 25th anniversary international exhibition in the global food industry “GulFood 2020” for the first time. From February 16th to February 20th, our team of professionals held meetings at their own part of the booth as part of the collective exposition "Made in Russia" in Dubai (UAE). This year the event was held under the slogan "Rethinking Food".

“Gulfood 2020” is the largest and most important international platform with over 5,000 companies from 193 countries and over 98,000 visitors. The exhibition area of Dubai's DWTC shopping center has been expanded to 120,000 sq. m. this year and was divided into 8 thematic sectors: Drinks; Milk products; Fats and oils; Health, Prevention and Useful Products; Meat and poultry; Food brands; Pulses, Grains and cereals; World food products.

Within all 5 days of the exhibition, AgroChimInvest company's booth was constantly filled with guests. More than 70 business meetings were held with both loyal business partners and new promising clients. On the booth there was also an interview with the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Sergey Levin. Our employees did not overlooked a single interested visitor and each of them received a small Russian souvenir. As a result of the exhibition, the head of the agricultural crops export department became one of the most popular and recognizable employees of our company during this period.

A separate business zone was also organized on the territory of the Russian pavilion, where meetings were held between Russian companies and potential buyers from all over the world. At this site negotiations were held by the General Director of the company and the Head of the foreign economic activity department. Thanks to their awareness and full control over the situation with the availability and the possibility of shipment of goods, all negotiations were carried out at a high professional level with timely submission of relevant information.

At the “Gulfood 2020” exhibition, AgroChimInvest presented a full range of its products (whole and halved coriander, flax, several varieties of mustard, chickpeas, red and green lentils, peas), as well as new products (red and yellow millet, soybeans, oil seeds and confectionery). Design packaging was developed especially for the upcoming event for each type of displayed product. All customers were offered samples of goods, which could be assessed not only visually, but also kinesthetic. By the end of the exhibition, the demo products were completely taken and received many positive reviews from clients and booth visitors.

The quality of our highlighted products deserved special praise. We know perfectly well how important it is for buyers to personally see the purchased product and have a look at features. That is why we have selected products only with those quality characteristics that our customers will receive upon shipment. Thanks to this, each negotiation had the character of a substantive dialogue. In addition, acknowledge with the whole range of our products at the exhibition helped to push our loyal customers to conclude contracts for the supply of new items for them.

For image building, our marketing department has created a movie about AgroChimInvest. We were able to demonstrate our production capacity there, rich product line, possibilities and options for shipment of goods, wide geography of supplies. Besides, together with a design bureau, advertising brochures have been developed, in which the packaging forms of the goods we are demonstrating are repeated. While preparing branded products for the exhibition, every little thing was taken into account, on which the development of the company's image and the strengthening of the already existing positive image depended.

Thanks to the successful participation in the largest international exhibition in the global food industry, not only the recognition of AgroChimInvest has increased, but also the level of trust in the company. From our side, we would like to express our gratitude to the representatives of the Russian Export Center, the Negus Expo International developer company, and the MatchMaking Service team for the excellent organization, conduct and assistance at the “Gulfood 2020” exhibition. Thanks to such active support, our company has reached a new level of work in the global market and can also confidently make more ambitious plans and achieve their implementation.

Immediately after the end of the exhibition, AgroChimInvest signed several contracts for the supply of products. To date, it has been decided to expand the list of goods supplied by our company. Participation in “Gulfood 2020” as an exhibitor brought us many profitable business acquaintances and opened new horizons for cooperation. AgroChimInvest plans to further actively develop the export activity of the company, establishing and strengthening business relationships further actively with clients around the world.